sábado, março 10


The word saudade is one of my favorite words in Portuguese. It means to miss someone or something, but has an incredibly complex meaning that I feel "I miss you" simply doesn't capture. It's a deep, passionate, feeling and can be used equally for people, places or things. Today, bateu uma saudade (I got hit by a saudade), and I'll leave it up to you to imagine of what or who.

I tried to embed the video but it won't work since the user responsible for the video disabled the feature.

This was the song that H's father sang to us on our first night on the farm after our long trip to our new home. I'll never forget the emotions I felt on that day.

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  1. My students are always asking me how to say "saudade" in English, and I have to explain that it really doesn't have an exact translation.

    Lovely song! I absolutely love that caipira harmony.